My name is Heather Nunnelly. I'm a comic book artist currently working on a project called Vacant. From time to time I post updates about it here.

I post about random things I find on the Internet and add my oozing sarcasm to the mix. I also try and post up my sketches when I'm not too lazy. You can check out my art on the links below.

I currently teach at Comics For Thought.

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i can’t stop laughing


My husband omg

I am crying.

I want to marry this man.




Far too many times have I seen posts and comics that have a similar subject but end with “lol quitting art 4ever” when they see a good artist who is younger than themselves. When in reality it only means that you can learn from this person!


this is a good attitude!! all you talented kids! good job!

I’m looking at you fevertrick. But seriously she’s very good. Check out her work.





thinking about the minimum wage gives me a headache. like especially when i see it on paper: $7/h 

$7? Have you ever seen $7? $7 for an hour of work? Do you know what $7 gets you? It gets you, like, a gallon of milk and some lunch meat. 

Seven little one dollar bills for an hour of work that’s nuts. There’s no job on this planet where I’d see someone being productive for an hour and think “Ah, that person only deserves $7”

I’d have to be a monster or something. 

If you want more you can get a different job. Minimum wage was never meant to support a family or for people to love off of it, in fact the majority of min wage workers are high school kids.

Actually, supporting a family and living off minimum wage is EXACTLY why the minimum wage was put into effect. So either you’re shockingly ignorant, or a massive liar. And either way, you’re a huge piece of bougie shit and a filthy classist who needs to shut their damn mouth before someone shuts it for you.

"you can get a different job"

- people who have never worked a minimum-wage job nor dealt with a difficult job market


People who can't draw: Drawing is fucking hard

People who don't try at all: Drawing is fucking hard

Teachers: Drawing is fucking hard

Beginning artists: Drawing is fucking hard

Pro artists: Drawing is fucking hard

Famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard

Extremely famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard

Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history: Drawing is fucking hard

People who are upset an artist won't draw for them for free: Drawing is easy!

Thank you to those who volunteered to be interviewed. I think that makes you super brave since I know that sexual violence is a hard subject and it is especially hard to go to others about it.

I deeply appreciate it and it will help my writing immensely. Right now I am just writing based off my own personal experience, but I know my perspective does not speak for everyone. So any input is highly valued. 

Would anyone be interested?

I want to do more research for my comic on sexual violence and how people cope with it, but am too scared to ask people if they would like to be interviewed. Mainly because it’s not a topic I think everyone likes to talk about.

The questions mainly deals with recovery and not the tragic event itself. I would look up this stuff, but I actually want the answers to be more personal and on a person-to-person basis. Also because I know quite a bit of victims (myself included) have big “no-nos” on how sexual violence is represented in media.

If you have a lot of say on the matter, and would love to share your input, you are more than welcome to message me. Or e-mail me. Or contact me in any way you feel comfortable. My e-mail is….

ImagineTheEnding @ without the spaces.

Or please reblog if you think there are people out there who would be interested.